How often will this awesome box show up at my doorstep?

Once a month, getting you ready right before a fresh month starts off.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Yes! By pausing the subscription you'll probably miss some serious motivation, but it is your call. You can cancel your subscription for any reason with just a few clicks. We hope you‘ll stay, but we never make it hard to leave.

Are there initiation fees, cancelling fees or any other sneaky fees?

No way José. We don‘t like fees anymore than you do. You only have to pay for the stuff we ship you.

Any international shipping costs?

Nope. Wherever you are, you deserve this. Shipping costs are on us, as long as you treat the mail men right.

Why shouldn't I just buy this stuff somewhere else?

Why waste time to browse or stroll any further? These prints and accessories are unique in design and can't be found anywhere else. We intend to make positivity work and it would be great if you'd join us in our legacy. That's why all of our products are human-and-earth-friendly. Printed on certified FSC paper and always joined with a neat envelope. Ongoing inspiration for you and the ones you care about. Easy as that.

Can I buy just a single poster?

Ofcourse you can. We're not here to talk you into a subscription if you don't feel like it. You do miss 11 fresh sparks a year, your free archival box and the deluxe envelope to pay good vibes forward. But hey, we all have our own pace. And that's okay.





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